Doosan Ultimate DX270 ‘Long Reach’ RRV

The Doosan Ultimate DX270 ‘Long Reach’ RRV is a fantastic addition to our fleet. The ‘Long Reach’ arm is installed onto the machine giving it and outstanding reach of almost 11m.  These machines are become increasingly popular with our clients due to their versatility.

One of the main benefits of these RRVs is that the machine can reach across multiple lines, therefore cutting out the need to change over lines and increasing efficiency and productivity.


  • ‘Long Reach’ – 5.5m Dipper Arm  – Fitted with a 5.5m Dipper Arm, this gives an outreach of 10.7m & a maximum height of 11.5m
  • Stage IV engine providing increased power, torque & fuel economy.
  • Ad-Blue/DEF system for improved emissions.
  • Hydrostatic Rail Wheels
  • LUL spec.
  • Twin Cab.
  • Wheeled (Foam Filled Tyres)
  • Fall Arrest Handrail System
  • 360 Vision Cameras
  • Duplex Radio Cab Kit System
  • Reversing Camera
  • Fully Automatic Quick Hitch
  • Hydraulic & Air braking systems.
  • High Integrity ALO compliant.
  • Live OHLE compliant
  • Towing capacity of 70000kg
  • Tandem Lift Compatible
  • Fire Suppression Installed
  • Internal noise level of 85dB
  • Working gradient – 1 in 25
  • On/Off Tracking & Working cant – 150mm
  • Travelling cant – 200mm

Compatible Attachments:

  • Specialist Mulcher/Flail
  • Clamshell (Single Pin)
  • Telescopic Extension Rail Beam
  • Panel Grab/Universal Beam
  • Log Grab
  • Bag Lifting Frame
  • Auger
  • EMV Hammer
  • Soil Nail Rig
Doosan Long Reach Diamensions

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