Pladdet Suction Unit

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Pro Rail Services has partnered with the Dutch manufacturer Pladdet to bring their market leading Suction Unit to the UK market. Working with Pladdet, we have brought this item through Network Rail Product Approval and it is now available for use on Network Rail Infrastructure.

The Suction Unit brings dramatic improvements to efficiency and safety, for example, of catch-pit clearance works, due to the reduced manpower needed and the speed and strength of the suction unit. The units come with added safety features, such as the ability to operate it from the cab via camera systems attached to the unit, reducing human contact and therefore reduce the risk of potential injuries with exposure to “working with moving equipment” (Network Rail Life Saving Rules).

Our two units are the one ones available in the UK.

The Pladdet Suction Unit brings significant safety improvements from other Suction Units currently used on the rail infrastructure including:

  • Quick Hitch Mounted – Top mount as standard, or side mounted for working under overheads or tunnels/structures.
  • 150L Dust Suppression water tank – suppresses the dust as it is sucked up through the tube into the box.
  • Fully automated controls from within the cab of the machine, meaning no personnel interface required.
  • Variation of pipes for a range of applications – Catch pit clearance, under sleeper cutting head, steel pipe for agitating ballast, rubber pipe for delicate applications
  • CCTV Camera fitted to show the operator when the suction pipe is positioned.
  • Scene lighting for extra visibility when in use at night

Pladdet Suction Unit Specification:

Max. Capacity Reservoir 1000L
Operational Weight Indication 2100KG (2500KG with side mounted hitch)
Min. Machine Weight 15 Ton or Higher
Hydraulic System Min. 80-100 L/min @ Min. 250 Bar
Engine Power of the Fan Min. 55KW
Capacity Material UP to 15KG (Depending on Size and Shape)
Main Vacuum Hose Diameter 250MM
Secondary Inlet Hose Diameter 152MM
Dust Suppression Tank Capacity 200L
Capacity of Fan in m3 Per Hour 17,000
Hydraulic Components Oscillating/Rotating Head

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