Rail Labour Supply Case Study 1


Pro Rail Services Ltd retain skilled resources such as:

  • Platform Coper Layers
  • Track Drainage / Catchpit Operatives
  • Railway Devegetation / Tree Felling Operatives
  • Troughing Route Operatives
  • Concrete Gangs
  • Groundworkers
  • Carpenters
  • Steelfixers
  • CPCS Banksman / Slinger Operatives
  • All types of PTS / CPCS Civils Plant Operators
  • All types of PTS RRV On Track Plant (OTP)


The above resources are highly trained and competent individuals who are managed in accordance with our competency management procedure and who are briefed by our management team in good time before site works to ensure that the required level of preparedness is in place to safely deliver the planned works to clients such as:

  • Keltbray Rail
  • TXM Plant Ltd
  • J Murphy & Sons Ltd
  • Lanes Group Plc
  • Garrandale Ltd
  • C Spencer Ltd
  • UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd


Portfolio Categories:

Minor Civils 

Pen Parsonage – culvert repair works

Pro Rail Services Ltd completes culvert repair works for Lanes Group PLC to complete a section of culvert repair works for Network Rail at Pens Parsonage.


The work consisted of culvert investigation and clearance works, part of an ongoing framework in the Wessex region being carried out on behalf of Network Rail. It involved approximately 60m worth of brick culvert clearance and masonry repairs.


One of the main challenges always faced with attending culvert repair works is being unaware of the condition of the site. For this particular set of works the culvert was on farmland with trees adjacent to the railway and embankment. The scope of works was as follows; site establishment, temporary fencing, de-vegetation, culvert clearance, masonry repairs and tree felling.


In order to complete the works, we had to erect a safety fence surrounding the site to protect not just our staff but also the animals nearby in order to safely complete the works. A safe procedure took place in order to manage the direction of where the trees were to fall to not damage any railway asset.


Due to the successful and safe completion of works, the culvert had been inspected, repaired, stone work repointed, culvert was cleaned out by jetting and vacuumed and also UV patch lining repair was done. The client was happy with the level of safety provided and no animals were endangered in the process.

There was no damage to the railway fence and railway line after clearance of the felling trees.

All site works were completed to programmes budget, quality and environmental targets with zero accidents on site.

Portfolio Categories:

Minor Civils