Langley Cutting – Liss, Hampshire

Pro Rail Services Ltd completes de-vegetation on behalf of Network Rail at Langley Cutting, Liss, Hampshire


Pro Rail Services Ltd completed approximately 550m of de-vegetation works, to enable the monitoring of movement a steep cutting.


Pro Rail Services Ltd encountered numerous challenges whilst completing these works, one of which being for the operatives constantly controlling themselves with the rope and lowering themselves at an angle, they originally started with the rope access and had to change to using the fall arrest blocks as the rate of incline increased as the progressed along the cutting.

Badger erosion was also a key challenge due to leaving holes along the embankment which could cause great injury to anyone working their way across the embankment.


As mentioned due to the embankment being so steep the operatives had to use rope access to enable them to carry out the works being mindful of the wildlife that live here.

To protect the wildlife accordingly an ecologist was always present on site as to ensure the wildlife was never endangered.


The works were executed to the clients’ satisfaction whereby 550m of steep up & down CESS where de-vegetated with 1m wide strip cleared vertically at intervals of 10m.

All site works were completed to programmes budget, quality and environmental targets with zero accidents on site.

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