Pens Parsonage – Culvert Repairs

Client Name
Geoffrey Osborne for Network Rail Wessex Route

Project Name
Pens Parsonage – Culvert Repairs

Railway Drainage


10 mid-week shits

Pen Parsonage, Somerset

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Pens Parsonage – Culvert Repairs

Pro Rail Services Ltd. is a Railway civil engineering contractor who execute maintenance contracts on Network Rail infrastructure. This project took place on the Wessex Route for Geoffrey Osborne Ltd.
The drainage system in the area had a history of blockages, which lead to numerous flooding events on neighboring properties.

Network Rail was keen for this to be addressed as part of its planned maintenance programme. Pro Rail Services Ltd. was commissioned to execute tree removal, de-vegetation, culvert masonry repairs, de-silting of the culvert and patch lining installation.

Timescales were tight. The project was tendered five weeks before commencement. Pro Rail Services Ltd. was awarded the contract with three weeks to plan the works and mobilise its teams.

The Pro Rail Services Ltd. planning team quickly put together a project plan that would ensure the works could be completed safely and effectively at both culvert ingress and egress portals.

The team consisted of one site manager and five skilled rail maintenance operatives.

Plant included vans, compressors, chainsaws, brush cutters, jetting and drainage CCTV equipment

Materials, including cement and masonry, were transported to the site by highway based vehicles.

Over 10 mid-week shifts, heavy vegetation and trees were removed by Lantra and NPTC competent operatives.

Once this phase was complete, the process of removing over 25 tonnes of silt commenced in order to enhance the space in the culvert to facilitate repair works.

Following the completion of the tree felling, devegetation, damming of the culvert and removal of channel silt, the required masonry replacement and joint repairs were then executed in accordance to programme and specification.

All operatives involved with the culvert repair works were competent confined space operatives using equipment calibrated and checked prior to execution on site.

Potential risks of flooding to neighbouring properties greatly reduced by the removal of silt and vegetation from the culvert and drainage channel

Unsafe tree carefully removed by competent operatives

Further deterioration of the culvert prevented by masonry repairs

Culvert successfully de-silted, preventing potential of future flooding events

Safe access to the culvert created to ease future maintenance or inspection activities

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