Teynham – Level Crossing Renewal

Client Name
Network Rail

Project Name
Teynham – Level Crossing Renewal 

Railway Level Crossing 


27 hours

Teynham, Kent 

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Teynham – Level Crossing Renewal

Pro Rail Services Ltd. is a Railway civil engineering contractor who execute maintenance contracts on Network Rail infrastructure. This project took place on the South East Route.

Pro Rail Services was commissioned to replace a level crossing STRAIL system on the Medway Valley Line in North Kent.

This was a complex project owing to the need to repair the drainage under the crossing and the presence of buried services connecting nearby residences.

Health and safety considerations included restrictive working on the level crossing, and manual handling of heavy materials and equipment.

A topographical survey was carried out. Data was used to create a design approved by Network Rail South East. Work was carried out in partnership with the rail crossing system manufacturer, STRAIL. All work was undertaken under a pre-planned 27-hour possession.

Extra care was needed to ensure there was no damage to the buried services.

As requested by the client, steel beams were used to support the STRAIL mats.

While replacing the mats, spot repairs would be made on the drainage underneath.

Personnel deployed per 12-hour shift were:
• 6 skilled rail operatives
• 1 track handback engineer
• 1 COSS
• 1 Site Manager

The existing steel beams were reused and were removed and reinstalled using a 3-tonne excavator.

All arisings were put in 1-tonne bags and removed from site using a lorry with a truckmounted crane.

More than 50 STRAIL mats were installed.

Finally, road markings were re-painted prior to the crossing re-opening.

• The project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget, to Network Rail’s specification

• In addition, trespass guards were also repaired

• All work was carried out safely, with no incidents reported. No services we struck.

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email : info@prorailservices.co.uk