Norwich Victoria Sidings – Enabling Works

Client Name
Greater Anglia Abellio

Project Name
Norwich Victoria Sidings Enabling Works  

Permanent Way & Devegetation

Dec 2018 – March 2019


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Norwich Victoria Sidings – Enabling Works


This was an enabling works project comprising of:

  • Vegetation Clearance
  • Arborist Works
  • Track Removal
  • Formation Grading Works
  • Survey, Design & Assurance Works for a new access ramp installation

These works were required to be executed ahead of a Main Contract to install new sidings with associated O.L.E and Permanent Way assets.  We were appointed as Principal Contractor to deliver this Design & Build Project with a very tight timescale of 12 weeks to hand over to the major works team.

The enabling works could not be allowed to induce any negative impact to the adjacent Norwich to London Mainline.  We therefore devised an access strategy plan and ALO plan to ensure our works did not impact on train services.


Pro Rail Services was required to execute a Track dilapidation survey in accordance with the Network Rail AMP process, in advance of the site clearance works.

A topographical survey and a detailed design submission with assurance documentation was required to allow the production of a new design for a temporary access ramp down into the proposed new sidings.

We then set up a separated temporary fence line to separate the worksite so that all works could be executed on mid-week day shifts.


We executed the site compound mobilisation ahead of the main works so that we could install the site offices to control the worksite.

Major devegetation and arborist work – over 5200m2 of devegetation, root removal and application of herbicide plus tree felling to circa 25 trees.

Regrading to the cutting adjacent to the redundant Road 1 for circa 180m x 4m.

Burning of rails in to 5m lengths on 4 redundant roads, each 260m long and stockpiling at the loading bay end of the site.

Removal of over 1500 redundant timber sleepers and stockpiling for off-site disposal to a waste transfer facility.

Regrading to the underside of the old timber sleeper position.

Design, full Railway Assurance and installation of a temporary access ramp to facilitate heavy plant access to site for the follow on new P-Way and OLE installation main works project.


The site works was executed over a 8 week period from early January to the end of February 2019 and beat the original site construction programme by 4 weeks.

HSEQ Responsibilities:
Pro Rail Services Ltd was the Principal Contractor on this Project and worked collaboratively with GA to ensure that this project was delivered efficiently, on time and without any major accidents or injuries. This was achieved by ensuring we continue to use our behavioural safety approach to all projects, thorough and regular safety briefings and always ensuring that only competent persons are actually executing the required task.

The Project was delivered to its target budget.

Stakeholder Management:
Pro Rail Services as Principal Contractor, managed all stakeholder interfaces with: Greater Anglia Abellio, Network Rail (Anglia Route), Designer, adjacent business’s to the worksite, site team and the supply chain to ensure that we all worked together collaboratively to achieve the successful outcomes listed above.

The enabling works were completed ahead of programme thus ensuring that the worksite was handed over on time to the main works contractor.

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