Walkways, Fencing Repairs and New Gates

Client Name
Network Rail Tier 1 Contractor

Project Name
Walkways, Fencing Repairs, New Gates and Steps Project 

Safe Access and Egress Points

6 Months

South East Route

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Walkways, Fencing Repairs and New Gates


Network Rail South East Route were required to achieve to deliver a number of minor civils projects between October 2018 and end of March 2019.

A number of these projects required initial site scoping surveys and non- complex designs to be executed ahead of the implementation stage.

A key challenge to address was the sheer volume of works to be executed prior to the close out of the financial year.

Mobilisation and target execution dates were very tight.


We decided to use our Horsham Yard as a control centre and materials distribution point for the various gangs to co-ordinate all plant and material requirements to be issued for each individual site.

Procurement schedules were generated to ensure that all project requirements were controlled and all material and plant requirements would match the required specification for the works.

In addition to submitting all HSEQ documentation, we ensured that progress reports including before and after photos were issued to the client on a weekly basis.

Our Senior Management was extensively involved with ensuring all works was safely and efficiently delivered to programme.


Our customer (a NR Tier 1 contractor), issued us with a schedule of sites with various types of minor civils works to be delivered, such as: New walkways, lineside fencing, vegetation management works, installation of new RRAP’s, new access points and new signage at said access points. There were over 50 sites requiring works to be executed on.

We developed a master programme schedule to allow for: initial site visits, generation of detailed scoping documents, programme for each worksite and subsequent quotation to be submitted to NR through our Tier 1 client. The master programme allowed for the generation and submission of Survey reports and fabrication drawings, procurement schedules, WPP’s, Task Briefs and site files including I&T Plans.


Between October 2018 and March 31st 2019, Pro Rail Services delivered:
• 54 Access Points to a variety of Embankments & Cuttings
• 321 metres of new tanilised timber edge walkways
• 30 new gates were installed • 54 number of access point signage erected
• 400 No of lineside sub-station buildings surveyed to develop scopes for follow on repairs
• Seven new timber RRAPs installed

All works delivered to specification, programme and with a project AFR of 0.00.

Please contact : 01707 927 400

email : info@prorailservices.co.uk